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At the start of this tour, in London in January 1984, Judas Priest performs “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”:

While far worse disasters have occurred at concerts in the form of actual riots, stampedes, and deaths, deliberate acts of vandalism that came on the heels of Priest’s 1984 Garden show briefly became part of the metal concert-going experience in the New York / New Jersey area. Seats were also slashed during a Kiss concert at the Garden in December 1985, as well as another Priest gig at the Meadowlands in June 1986, just six days after the show featured in Heavy Metal Parking Lot . On this particular night, seats were torn apart and in some cases ripped out completely.

Immediately following the show as fans made their way through the parking lot, damage was done to the footbridge connecting two sides of the Meadowlands sports complex when sections of the walls were pounded and kicked in, and floorboards stomped out. Nine months later at the Meadowlands, fans turned over cars in the parking lot and torched two of them after an Iron Maiden show.

Remarkably, the short-lived period of copycat vandalism was exclusive to the Tri-State area and never spread throughout the country. Perhaps we owe that to a pre-Internet world where news traveled slow and local and regional incidents didn’t make it too far past the scene of the crime. And although every town and venue at some point has some sort of shit go down, the possibility of a nationwide trend never transpired.

Thirty-four years later, an argument is made that these metal fans have entered the geriatric stage of life and have learned how to behave themselves, and there is now an on-going effort led by fans through petition to lift the ban and allow Judas Priest to get themselves back to the Garden.

Judas Priest Website

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Heavy Metal

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Mike Derrico is a freelance writer, rock and pop culture historian, and musician living in Central Jersey. He is host of the Rock Under Fire podcast, as well as the upcoming Retrospeak podcast.

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Engineering: Building with Nature

Courses Engineering: Building with Nature Course materials Lectures 4.4.2 Case 1: Climate-proof Noordwaard

Course subject(s) Module 4: Integrated Building with Nature Design

This sectionprovides a synthesis of information on Climate-proof Noordwaard, the first sample case.


The river Rhine runs through the Netherlands towards the North Sea. During very high discharges, which may occur more frequently in future owing to climate change, the floodwaters needs more space to spread out so as to prevent disastrous downstream flooding. There needs to be more ! This will be provided for the New Merwede branch of the Rhine by de-poldering the 4450 Ha Noordwaard polder* , which is situated in the South-western part of the Netherlands. De-poldering involves allowing water to stream through and over the Noordwaard polder when the river discharge is very high. By allowing flooding of the land that was previously protected by dikes, the predicted high water levels from river flooding will be reduced by 30 cm at the nearby town of Gorichem.

Nevertheless, within this de-poldered area, there are location(s) that still have to be protected from flooding. For instance, in theNorth East corner of the Noordwaard polder, a fortress called Fort Steurgat. This fortress has cultural and historical value. This corner is also home to eleven households.

In short, the primary problem owner or client is the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, who istasked with ensuring that appropriate planning is undertaken to ensure the safety from flooding in the Netherlands. It is they who commission studies to determine the predicted flood levels, and they who then determine the desired reduction in flood level that must be achieved through actions like de-poldering.

* In the Netherlands, a polder is an area of low land that is protected from river or coastal floods by a ring of dikes.

Where is the Noordwaard Polder located?

The Noordwaard Polder, depicted by the purple polygon (area),is situated in the Western part of the Netherlands, close to the cities of Dordrecht and Gorichem. The black polygon (area) in the map represents the North-East corner of the Noordwaard Polder, which is the focus of this case.

Would you like to know more about making ?

Have a look at the video below.

Room for the River

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Additional knowledge clipson river systems and river interventions

Have a look at the videos below. These videos are part of the MOOC Water and Climate , also from Delft University of Technology. They will provide you with additional knowledge on riversystems and riverinterventions that you can applyto design your own Building with Nature solution.

River Systems

River Interventions

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Governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian knowledge services

» Topic Guide » What is disaster resilience?
Topic Guide, June 2015

Disaster resilience is the ability of individuals, communities, organisations and states to adapt to and recover from hazards, shocks or stresses without compromising long-term prospects for development. According to the Hyogo Framework for Action ( UNISDR, 2005 ), disaster resilience is determined by the degree to which individuals, communities and public and private organisations are capable of organising themselves to learn from past disasters and reduce their risks to future ones, at international, regional, national and local levels.

Definitions of disaster resilience

Cameron Hobo Bag Jigsaw 3HF5Sqfr
: ‘the ability of countries, communities and households to manage change, by maintaining or transforming living standards in the face of shocks or stresses – such as earthquakes, drought or violent conflict – without compromising their long-term prospects’.

Hyogo Framework of Action ( UNISDR, 2005b, 4 ): ‘the capacity of a system, community or society potentially exposed to hazards to adapt, by resisting or changing in order to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning and structure’.

Disaster resilience is part of the broader concept of resilience – ‘the ability of individuals, communities and states and their institutions to absorb and recover from shocks, whilst positively adapting and transforming their structures and means for living in the face of long-term changes and uncertainty’ ( OECD, 2013b, 1 ).

In conceptual terms, vulnerability and disaster resilience are closely related. Some authors see vulnerability as the opposite of disaster resilience, while others view vulnerability as a risk factor and disaster resilience as the capacity to respond ( Manyena, 2006, 436, 439-443 ).

In practice, DFID’s framework ( DFID, 2011a, 6-7 ; diagram below) depicts the core elements of disaster resilience as follows:

core elements of disaster resilience Context Disturbance Capacity to respond Reaction

Disaster resilience has been described as both an outcome and a process ( Manyena, 2006, 436-439 ). Practices focused on outcome have tended to adopt top-down reactive approaches which can favour the status quo and take attention away from inequalities resulting from insecurity and disaster ( Manyena, 2006, 438 ). As a process , building disaster resilience involves supporting the capacity of individuals, communities and states to adapt through assets and resources relevant to their context ( Manyena, 2006, 439 ). For some, this implies enhancing peoples’ rights and addressing socio-economic, gender and environmental inequalities that exacerbate vulnerability ( Andharia et al., 2010, 11 ; Oxfam, 2013 ).

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